We are the home for pet and vet innovations at Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo.

18k Employees 14 Countries >4bn Annual sales

18k Employees 14 Countries >4bn Annual sales

We believe in the unique relationship between humans and animals.

Every day we are working hard to develop Fressnapf Maxi Zoo into a caretaker, making pet lovers’ lives with their pets easier, better and happier.

fnx supports on this journey by developing, investing in, scaling, and operating new ideas and business models for the Fressnapf Maxi Zoo ecosystem. The Fressnapf Maxi Zoo ecosystem is our future business model, in which we will be even more customer-centric, technology-oriented, and data-driven than before.

Our current projects

Dr. Fressnapf

Talk to a vet online. Simple, digital and location-independent access to veterinary advice and consultation or referral to a local veterinary practice or clinic.

Fressnapf Tracker

With our Fressnapf Tracker you can keep an eye on the location, activity and health of your beloved pet at all times.

Fressnapf Salon

Pet care with passion. No matter if long or short hair, the fur care of our beloved animal is important. With us, everyone gets the best care!

Fressnapf Box

The European market leader for pet surprise boxes for your dogs, cats, and small animals. Every two months you get a box with exclusive products from well-known brands and startups.

Burial Services

For a dignified farewell - our cooperation with Rosengarten.

Pet Insurance

Strong insurance coverage and more - our joint offering together with petolo.

The people behind fnx are passionate about building things and shaping the pet and vet industry.

Dr. Jens Pippig

SVP Ecosystem Services, Member of the Executive Management Board

Entrepreneur at heart. Loves to build
high-performing teams.

Robert Dorsemagen

VP Digital Services

Trust & inspire!

Christoph Dogge

VP Vet

My passion for making pets' lives healthier
and vets happier.

Fred Klinkert

VP Products

Hinter jedem unserer Ventures steht die klare Absicht, Marktführer in Europa zu werden.

Axel Dietrich

Head of Product & Tech Solutions

You want it? We build it!

Andrea Bayer

Lead Marketing & Sales

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Max Pintovic

UX Lead

As a proud dog dad and passionate designer, I strongly believe that our products will help people with top-notch best-in-class design.

Anna Kutscha

Senior Expert Business Development

Think big - if you can dream it you can do it!

Tobias Züll

Expert Marketing Manager Box

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Dog owner and animal lover.

Alina Koch

People Lead

Invest in people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine – people for success!

Marc Knaus

Expert Project & Process Management

IT liaison officer with a tendency to wake sleeping dogs. Master degree in fun facts.

Patrick Kitzinger

Head of Digital Vet

The key to success? Doing things with passion. Animal lover by heart.

Anna Hon

Expert Tech Engineer

Guiding epic ideas to production to make pet owners and vets happier.❤️

Danny Kleckers

Head of Strategy & Operations

Rather asks for forgiveness than permission. Prefers digital cats over real ones.

Sascha Klein

Expert Tracker Operations & Happiness

Happiness is talent for destiny.

Aline von Rüden

Assistant to SVP

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Felix Ladstätter

Head of Innovation

Likes innovation theater but prefers a juicy portfolio of innovation rockets.

Sven Sommer

Head of Box

I can't foresee the future of pet tech - but I want to enable it.

Inken Sahler-Wisdorf

Expert Key Account Management Veterinary

Paths are created by walking them.

Jens Verhalen

Head of Tracker

Responsible for our Fressnapf Tracker which I built up from the very first moment.

Milad Samei

Product Owner Dog Tracker

If you don't invest in the future, there won't be one. Stay one paw ahead! ??

Sabrina Walle

Practice Manager

Responsible for daily operations. "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Alexander Schneider

Expert Operations P&TS

"Operations" is like the transmission in a spaceship: you can't see it, but it allows you to reach the speed of light.

Katrin Gallenkamp

Expert Tracker Operations

GPS Tracker ... it's like walking your dog. But better!

Lisanne Probst

Head of Operations Activet

Things are done by actions not by words.

Jasmin Fronholt

Specialist Assistance Administration

You give life to what you give energy to.

Christine Frings

Expert Box Operations

I know it's only rock'n roll but I like it.

Elena Kirchner

Expert Calendar Operations Box

I am an optimistic problem solver, proud dog owner, and open-minded enthusiast for new ideas.

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